» IV Meteorite Picnic - Dzięgielów 2010 

              After two years pause, I made 4th Meteorite Picnic in my home in Dziegielow in saturday, 31 July. I was in heavy stress, becouse good weather escaped propably to Morocco as alvays. Day before, sky holds heavy clouds and rain was very dense. With this kind of weather this could be impossible to do any garden party. On saturday rain stop fall on 7am and this was last rain that day, what a luck ! I must say that weather was perfect. Was not hot but also not cold.

              What I can say more, good weather, nice peoples, good food and ofcourse excelent meteorites, my meteorites :D Everyone was very happy and spend good day talking about astronomy, meteorites, hunting, meteorite photography. Fortunatelly no political talks this day. Some friends was missing :( but some other visited me for the first time.

              Marcin Cimała

Pawel Zareba photos... http://www.tuzobok.pl/?p=795

Andrzej S. Pilski (right)

prof.dr hab. Andrzej Manecki and Janina Wrzak.

(from left) Jacek Szkatula, Agnieszka Gurdziel wirt boyfriend, Jerzy Strzeja

Pawel Zareba and Zbigniew G. (Harry)

Me (left), Pawel Zareba (right) and Zbigniew Tyminski (with loupe)

(from left) prof.dr hab. Andrzej Manecki, Marcin S. and Me

photo session of 170g oriented chondrite

and my favorite photo from last military show in Bielsko-Biala :D

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