» Ensisheim 2009 


Let's begin !

Mirko Graul, this year more new stones than irons !!!

Gregor Pacer

Sidi Mohamed Ismaily

When Hans Koser sleep, we sell more, much more :D Sweet dreams Hans.
He dreams about 5 ton campo or pretty seniorita? Who knows :D

Annie Black thin section's world

Dima's new Brahins, Seymchans, Kainsaz and much much more.

Ali Hmani silicated monster slice :)

... and another...

... one more...

... I still have one...

Thats me and my slice (I wish...)

Big, bad, green diogenite and eucrite with fresh crust and flowlines

Ali Hmani's strange urelite

Transparent Seymchan

Wow :D

Good for any window...


Large and ultra thin Allende slices. 55g and 158g

3mm crust is impossible? Yes, sure ... and meteorites dont have holes and ufo dont exist :)

CU all next year, same place, same time, new meteorites.

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