» Munich 2009 


Ali Hmani

Me and incredible Allende

Beautifull CK4

Hans Koser

Kazimierz Mazurek & Hans Koser

Me and Mohamed Sbai and Campo

Not much Campo this year...

Uwe Eger large Fukang slice

Mundrabilla48kg Monster full slice !!!! Wow...

Minerals in UV-lightworth to stop and watch.

DAULE - New Ecuador Fall !!!!Happy finders of 6,580 grams second mass.

Last photos before cutting

Friday PartyOld friends, good beer and lots of naughty boy's.

My airplanes are alvays the best :)

Anyone who recognize man in strange hat, please call 911. 10 000$ revard !

See You soon in Ensisheim 2010!

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