» Vysny Klatow 2010 

3-5 april I was in Vysny Klatow, on latest Slovakia fall site. Place is covered in 50% by forest and 50% by fields and meadows with old, dry grass. Unfortunatelly, all importand informations like strew field is still keep in secret by Slovakia researchers. Local peoples dont like to talk about fall with me. They dont know anything or know only informations from media, like internet or newspapers. I even need to show them how meteorite looks like (I have Gao with me). Without official strew field I dont know for sure if I was in right place or not.

Site is relatively easy to hunt. Lots of fields dont have still high grass, but this will change very soon. Then all specimens will be lost forever. Unfortunatelly, after 3 days and search distance ~120km (few persons) we did not find anything. Looks like Slovakia expedition found all easy to find specimens on all fields and meadows. I think if Slovakian scientists dont publish strew field soon, all remaining specimens will be lost.

Some importand links about this fall.

If YOU are there, I will find and rescue You! Don't worry my space friend.

There is lots of wild animals. I saw many roes in forest. Lots of meadows was diged by boars.

Meteorites in forest ? Yes, but try to find them here !!!

In horizon town of Kosice.

We even find large and very cool mine? There was very long adits (corridors) in this mountain with lots of bat's.

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