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Dar al Gani 735
Found 1996/97 winter
Martian basalt (shergottite)

A 588 g complete stone covered with desert varnish was collected in the Dar al Gani region. Classification and mineralogy (F. Wlotzka, MPI; M. Kurz, Neukirchen, Germany): a porphyritic basalt with millimeter-sized olivines (normally zoned from Fa28 to Fa37) in a finer grained matrix of pigeonite (Fs25–28) and feldspathic glass (An65); a direct comparison with a thin section of DaG 476 shows that both stones are very similar and are probably paired; however, DaG 735 does not contain terrestrial carbonate veins and appears less weathered than DaG 476. Specimens: type specimen, 6 g, MPI; main mass with anonymous finder.
Specimen Picture Weight Description Prices

20x18x1 mm

Name : Dar al Gani 735
Class : Martian basalt (shergottite)
Region: Libya
Date : 1996/97
TKW : 588g

450$/g = 440$
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