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Classification: Chondrite H5
Place/Time: 8 March 1976, 1500 in Northern part of the district of Kirin, Kirin Province, China.
Mass: 4 tons

Number of individual: Very large, 11 masses are individually recorded (see below), largest being of 1770 kg.

Circumstances of fall: At about 1500 hr on 8 March 1976 a red fireball moving SW was sighted by townspeople of Hsinglung (46°26'N., 127°05'E.). During flight there were several explosions and in the last stages of flight three distinct fireballs were observed. The meteorite fragments were scattered along an E-W trending strewnfield extending from 126°10'E. to 127° 10'E. The largest mass was recovered at 44°03'N., 126°10'E.

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