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A mass of 26 kg was found by agronomist V. G. Okel' in a wheat field near Maslyanino village. Classification, information, type sample (1.4 kg): Marina A. Ivanova, Committee on Meteorites, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ul. M. Ulyanovoi 3, korp. 1, Moscow 117313, Russia. Analysis: 12.43% Ni; 70 ppm Ge; 1.0 ppm Ir; 29 ppm Ga; L. D. Barsukova and G. M. Kolesov, Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, RAS, Moscow.
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Class : Iron IAB
Region: Novosibirsk Region, Russia
Date : 1992 May 25
TKW : 26kg

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173g full slice 1700$
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