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Mont Dieu
Ardennes, France
First piece found 1994 July
Iron, fine octahedrite (IIE)
A man found a 45 kg rusted mass in the forest of Mont Dieu. Subsequently, many other fragments were found (~50), ranging up to 95 kg. Total mass >360 kg. Classification and description (J. T. Wasson, UCLA; C. Perron, MNHNP): bulk metal composition, 0.434 wt% Co, 7.55 wt% Ni, 23.2 ppm Ga, 63 ppm Ge, 8.3 ppm As, 4.9 ppm Ir, 0.861 ppm Au; widmanstätten pattern irregular; contains abundant troilite and schreibersite and rare chromite, silicate, metallic Cu; all fragments deeply rusted. See Desrousseaux et al. (1996) for details. Specimens: half of total mass, MNHNP; remainder with private collectors.
Specimen Picture Weight Description Prices
13.82g Name : Mont Dieu
Class : Iron, fine octahedrite IIE
Region: Ardennes, France
Date : 1994
TKW : 360kg

13.76g slice 155$
16.36g slice 195$
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