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NWA 4039
Northwest Africa
Found 2005
Achondrite (monomict eucrite)

Several stones totaling 950g were found in 2005 by an anonymous finder in the Saharan desert.
Classification and mineralogy (A. Greshake)
Unusual eucrite with dominantly coarse-grained basaltic texture of exsolved Ca-pyroxene and plagioclase crosscut by cm-sized granular bands or crushed zones; locally these zones display an equigranular texture with 120° grain boundaries; minor phases include orthopyroxene, silica, ilmenite, troilite, and Al-Ti-chromite; plagioclase, An90.1 (range An88.3-92.6); orthopyroxene, Fs58.1-62.2Wo2.7-4.6; pigeonite, Fs50.7-58.6Wo5.2-15.7; augite, Fs26.3-34.9Wo32.1-44.1; high degree of shock; moderate degree of weathering. Main mass with anonymous finder; type specimen 20.1 g plus one polished thin section MNB.
Specimen Picture Weight Description Prices

65x33x3 mm

Name : NWA 4039
Class : Achondrite, Monomict Eucrite
Region: Morocco
Date : 2005
TKW : 950g

Very nice and fresh meteorite. All slices polished. Weathering grade close to W0
15$/g = SOLD

37x22x2 mm

part slice 20$/g = SOLD
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