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Northwest Africa 5222
Find: 2007
Classification: Achondrite Howardite

History and physical characteristics:
A small 60 g stone with little fusion crust and a heavily wind ablated surface was purchased in Erfoud, Morocco in October 2007.
Petrography (J. Wittke and T. Bunch, NAU):
A howardite with many basaltic and at least two diogenitic lithologies together with many heavily shocked, dark clasts. One cumulate basalt contains maskelynite. One diogenite lithology contains 23 vol % plagioclase.
Mineral compositions:
Subophitic basalt pigeonite is Fs55 9Wo7.8 (FeO/MnO = 30) and single grains of augite are Fs28.3Wo34.6. Low FeO cumulate basalt orthopyroxene is Fs34.6Wo3.8 (FeO/MnO = 26). Diogenite orthopyroxene is Fs22.6Wo2.0.
Specimen Picture Weight Description Prices

43x22x3 mm

Name : NWA 5222
Class : A-Howardite, S2-4/W-low
Region: Maroko
Date : 10.2007
TKW : 60g
Howardite with high capacity of iron.
30$/g = SOLD
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