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Name : NWA 7490
Class : Achondrite, Diogenite S-moderate/W-low
Region: Erfoud, Maroko
Date : 08.2012
TKW : 1050g

Very fresh diogenite with black crust and green orthopyroxene crystals. Visualy its identical to famous fall Johnstown.

All slices carefuly polished from both sides and comes in display box.

233.8g complete specimen make offer
3.17g endpiece 158$
4.29g full slice 215$
4.95g full slice 247$
5.00g endpiece 250$

41x36x2 mm

full slice 416$

42x36x2 mm

full slice SOLD

42x37x2 mm

full slice 400$
6.81g full slice 340$
7.48g full slice 374$
7.99g full slice 400$
8.24g full slice 412$
12.11g endpiece 600$
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