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This Pultusk specimens was found by polish meteorite hunter in 2008. He spend several weeks search suspect locations. Finally his work was rewarded.

This meteorites is still in very good condition. I have cleaned several specimens and after remove the soil I have made pretty looking complete specimen, still with black crust.
Other, 254g specimen I cut to see how it looks inside. Results was incredible. Specimen have still some fresh parts inside. I must say that this meteorite is very compact and solid, without any cracks. Cutting was much slower that I should expect from ordinary H5 chondrite. Maybe this was one of the reasons why it is only little weathered. Polishing was also not soo easy as I expected at the beginning.

I have send one slice to Silesian University in Sosnowiec for investigation. Profesor L.Karwowski, President of Polish Meteoritical Society, confirmed that this is real Pultusk meteorite and define weathering grade for only W1-2. One week later, sample from 245g specimen was microprobed in Warsaw, and results are identical with original "old" Pultusk.

Specimen Picture Weight Description Prices
Photo 11.48g


Name : Pułtusk
Class : Chondrite H5 S3 veined breccia
Region: Pułtusk, Poland
Date : 30.January.1868 19:00
TKW : +250kg, 200,000 specimens

This full slice comes from specimen found in 2007

41x37x3 mm

full slice, 2012 find 10$/g = SOLD

38x33x3 mm

full slice, 2012 find 10$/g = SOLD
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